Viajar y escribir nos hace libres; el conocimiento no es un patrimonio del individuo, sino que debemos compartirlo con todos.

    Currently working in the following journals: "Aceite", "Actualitat", "Año Cero"; "El Legado Andalusi", "Enigmas", "Estratos", "Fomento", "Historia de Iberia Vieja," "La Confitería Española", "La Semana Vitivinícola", "Más Allá de la Ciencia"; "Molinería y Panadería", "Nautica", "Rutas del mundo","Sesenta y Más", "Sierra Albarrana", "Vía Libre" ...


  At "el Racó del Toscar de Beceite" (Teruel)

Awards received

1973:   First award “Castillo de Gardeny”, of journalism related to the Catalan medieval art, published in the journal “La Mañana”, during 1972. Lleida.

1974: First award “Arte Catalán”. Journalism contest organized by "Bankunión" by a series of reports published in mass media national broadcast of the Catalan Romanesque monumental buildings. Barcelona.

1975: Journalism Contest First Prize organized by the Association of Craft Work for the promotion of Spanish craftsmanship for the report: "La Escuela Massana", Barcelona, published in the journal "Jano". Madrid.

1982: XVI Award "Ciutat d’Olot",  for the report "Fageda Jordà: the magical forest of La Garrotxa" (Girona), received at the hands of the writer Maria Aurèlia Campmany. Olot.

1982:   “Francia: Turismo y Gastronomía”; received in Barcelona, ​​at the hands of Hon. Ambassador of France in Madrid.

1983:   First Prize "Humana Europe", awarded by the Council of Europe, as the best journalist of the continent, a report on the meadow of Cabañeros (Ciudad Real), published in "Algo". Strasbourg (France Alsacia.).

1984:  First Prize "Humana Europe", awarded by the Council of Europe, as the best journalist of the continent, an opinion piece published in the Barcelona newspaper "La Vanguardia". Strasbourg (Alsace, France).

1989:   “Diplôme d’honneur des Services officiels français du Tourisme, en témoignage de ses qualités professionnelles et en remerciment de sa contribution dynamique à la promotion du tourisme français”by various reports published in the journal "Marine", relating to: navigation on the Canal du Midi, the best beaches in the Mediterranean French island of Corsica, the Atlantic end of Brittany, and the coast of Normandy. The award was given by Mme. Martrus, Director of Tourism of France (Maison de France) in Barcelona, ​​in the singular frame 28 International Boat Show (held from 2 to December 10, 1989), the "Fira de Barcelona".

1990: The Turkish Ministry of Tourism gives me the prize "Tutav" as best foreign journalist has spread cultural values ​​of that country. Ankara. 

1991:   First Prize "Monda Saffron", awarded by the Hon. Municipality of Consuegra (Toledo) for journalistic work published in national media collection and processing of saffron in the same town Castilian-La Mancha. 

1991:   Best Video Documentary, awarded at the Monte Carlo Film Festival for writing the scripts "Andalusian Routes" issued on five occasions by the "Canal Sur", in Andalusia, and also by international television channels, all Spanish-speaking countries.

1998:  International Journalism Award "Ciudad de Almuñécar" the promotion of the said population, Granada, through articles and reports published in media of national circulation. Almuñécar.

1999: Prize "Garbina" Journalism in 4 th edition. Second Prize. Awarded by the counterparty's cultural Granyena town of Les Garrigues (Lleida).  

2000:  International Journalism Award "Ciudad de Almuñécar" Second prize, for the report done on the "Loro Sexi", of that town on the Costa Tropical Andalucia, published in the journal "Boo-Bup, the animal called" by Altarriba Foundation. Barcelona. 

2000:  Journalism Award "Aena Foundation" (Spanish Airports and Air Navigation), for the report: "Plan for El Prat: Ensuring the Future", published in the journal "Development" (02/2000, p. .. 38/45) . Madrid.

2001:  National Journalism Prize for "Joseph and Jesus de las Cuevas", organized by the Cultural Office of the Hon. Ayuntamiento de Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz), on the newspaper report: "Arcos, a town on the border of the unreal," published in issue 19 of the magazine "Southern Land". Arcos de la Frontera.

2001:  International Journalism Award "Pica d'Estats" in its thirteenth edition, organized by the Tourist Board of the Provincial Government of Lleida, in the form: Path. Lleida.

2001: International Journalism Award "Ciudad de Almuñécar", organized by the Tourist Board of the Hon. Almuñécar Town Hall, for the promotion of that town on the Costa Tropical of Granada. 

2013:   Agricultural award by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Rural Affairs and Defense of the Territory of the Republic of France.


 In front of the “Piedra del Sol”, in "el castro de Coaña", Asturias


At sacred tree of stone of the village of Aínsa (Sobrarbe, Huesca)


With a templary cruise of "ocho beatitudes", in Ascó (Ribera d’Ebre. Tarragona)